Emerald Tennis Club Petition

Sign the petition and help this project succeed!

Voice your support for Federal funding to upgrade Emerald Tennis Club. 

Help change all lights to LED at the Emerald Tennis Club.

Allow Emerald Tennis Club to also upgrade to new building and facilities, as the existing premises are small, outdated and not suitable for a modern tennis club.  It will help accommodate the 100-plus members who are extensively involved in competition on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, as well as midweek afternoon coaching and Saturday fixtures.

This will further enhance greater participation for women and men to be involved in night competition and social hitting. It will also allow girls and boys greater opportunity to be involved in night hitting and coaching to improve their skills. 

When the rebuild of the football pavilion is completed at Worrell Reserve, Emerald Tennis Club’s facilities will look defunct and out of place amongst the newly developed buildings and facilities within the Reserve.

Sign the petition: Emerald Tennis Club - http://bit.ly/2YEuHxP