Toomuc Valley Nature Reserve Path - Petition

Voice your support for Federal funding towards the Toomuc Valley Nature Reserve Shared Path.

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The path has received a great deal of community support, for which I am also fervently in favour.  This project has great potential to be a major attraction for the La Trobe community. 

The project works include the development of a 3-metre wide shared path. The project has two main stages:

Stage 1: will continue the existing path along Toomuc Valley Road at Syme Road and extend to Brown Road. 

 Stage 2: will then join Brown Road to the Cardinia Aqueduct Trail. The project will improve;
 · Improve Community Safety 
 · Encourage Tourism
 · Help to Reduce Obesity Epidemic
 · Improve Social Cohesion 
 · Support Healthy Living and Social Recreation

Sign the petition to help the Toomuc Valley Nature Reserve Shared Path become a reality!