Tour of Hope

Hope for La Trobe

There is hope to provide our disadvantaged youths with the opportunity to join a sport and professional based mentoring program designed to facilitate behaviour changes and provide the ground foundations for social inclusion and future employment.

The Tour of Hope would run over a three year period, strengthen relationships, improve the well-being of youths, strengthen family and community functioning and facilitate the settlement of migrants and humanitarian entrants in the community.

The program has been designed and backed by Pastor Larry Sebastian from Casey City Church, Chairman and CEO of Strategic Missions Partnership, Beram Kumar, Director and Co-Founder of Natural Intelligence Dr Thomas Edwards and former senior lecturer in psychology Dr Cosimo Chiera.

In hope to bridge the cultures, Federal Member for La Trobe, Jason Wood MP is fighting for the Tour of Hope program to be rolled out in his electorate and presented his constituent base with an opportunity to sign a petition to support for Federal funding for the program.

Jason Wood MP recognises that local youths are in search of identity and a point of reference in their lives. The Tour of Hope program would bring collaboration and a sense of collective responsibility to make this much-needed difference for youths. The tailored program will be run in conjunction with Southern Migrant Resource Centre Staff as well as professional soccer coaches and players brought into Australian.

In 2017, world champion soccer players came out to La Trobe and met up with Jason Wood MP and extend their support to the opportunity for building of a bridge between the cultures. These players serve as great mentors as many of them have a personal understanding of the experiences of youths after their own very though childhoods and are excited to be a part of hope, opportunity and change.

The Tour of Hope program will provide youths with skillbased development via professional soccer coaches who will mentor and guide them to make right choices in their lives and provide the opportunity and guidance for them to become productive members of Australian society.